How can talking to someone help me?
 Therapy is a safe place to discuss problems and issues with someone that will supportively listen to you without being biased or giving unwanted advice. A therapist is able to point out patterns in behavior and explore other ways to approach problems.
How long does therapy take?
 Therapy is a process. Usually issues that have been identified as problems have existed for a while and therefore will take some time in resolving. However, experience has shown that the more effort a person puts into their own healing, the faster they will see results.

Who should attend sessions?
All family members are encouraged to participate in the therapeutic process along with the “identified client” because a client does not “live in a bubble”. In order for change to occur, all parties need to learn new communication skills and explore the positive strengths that the family has to help each other cope.

What can I expect to gain from therapy?
    1. A better understanding of yourself

    2. Improved relationships with those around you

    3. Learning how to follow through and meet the goals that you set

    4. More effective coping skills

    5. Improved communication skills

    6. Getting your needs met appropriately and effectively

    7. Improved productivity/success at school or work

    8. Higher Feeling of Self Esteem & Self Confidence

    9. Improved Social Skills

Is therapy confidential?

Yes. Therapy is confidential unless the client or guardian signs a release of information form. However, there are two situations where a therapist is mandated by law to break confidentiality:

  • If someone states that they are physically, emotionally, or sexually abusing a minor OR a minor reports that an adult is physically, emotionally, or sexually abusing them.

  • If a person reports that they have a plan to harm themselves or another person

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